Or rather to start the day, since it is skypey sunday happy today morning!

And if you, like me, are thinking why do all these blue singers have “Aretha” in the song titles, which made you think who or what is Aretha. AH-HA. Aretha is THE Queen of Soul. More music research YAY!

Random thoughts:

On crying. This was sparked off from a skpersation with Danielle. So why is crying perceived to be weak? Or is crying considered a sign of vulnerability? I have this thing for NOT crying which is sort of against my whole-to-be-honest-with-yourself thing. In fact I find it difficult to cry, and there are just some times that I want to just cry, to have this sort of emotional release, but I just can’t. Is there a psychological and biological answer to it? Note to self, to look into it

On the right major, Victor told me to check out this website


and so I guess I need to find my area of speciality in Political Science then, and see what is it that really interest me. But really, I should remember and always keep in mind the my motivation, and perhaps my goal too, to do humanitarian work. After talking to Dr T Lee, he reminded me not to conflate the means and the ends. Ah. I guess I am sometimes too myopic and too focussed on the micro details that I forget the macro ideas. What to do? To be more clear and precise in expressing, and still retain this convolution in my brain i guess. Talk about the usefulness of university education, especially an arts degree!

On needing to go KL to get my Syria visa. (really vulgar in mehead!) My december is packpackpacked! I want some alone time to go to the museums to do some exploring to i dunno, do things alone. I mean I am doing a lot things alone now, like googling research new music, looking at photography, blog-surfing etc. OH PROCRASTINATION and FRIVOLITY! whyyyy. But the point is, I haven’t seen some of the dearest people in my life for the longest time. And you must be reading this, (Hint VALENCIA AND MICHELLE!), shamelessly I ask you to make a date with me.

On my constant search for inner peace, balance or whatever you call it. This whole blog is perhaps dedicated to my self-indulgent rant on how I feel, what I intend to do to rectify my self-professed mess and jumbled kind of thoughts ideas, wants and whatever. I sometimes think that I do this intentionally to torment myself. I am not really making sense again, but like I just cannot be satisfied with my life, you know. So to inner peace, I really need to remove those shackles I placed on myself. They can be taken off anytime for they aren’t locked. But the weight is giving me a strain. And this post just effectively got more depressing. HA.

But I am young and I should not be that hard on myself. But on a more serious note, I am genuinely convinced that I am going to die at a relatively young age, so, ha. I don’t know how serious I am when I said I am serious here.

And next thing to do. SLEEP.